Soda. We’ve all had it. But why is it so difficult to find accurate information on soda consumption? How did the industry get to where it is today, and what advocacy groups and consumers are doing to fight back. In this edition of The Secret Ingredient, we talk with Marion Nestle about her latest book “Soda Politics: Taking on Big Soda (and Winning).” You can find out more about Marion on her website:

In this episode our secret ingredient is Bananas! We talk with feminist writer and professor Dr. Cynthia Enloe, who’s latest book, “Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics,” investigates the long history of oppression in the banana industry, and the intricate power structures involved in bringing this yellow fruit to grocery stores all over the world.

In each episode we chose one food to investigate, and talk with the people who’s life’s work has been to understand the complex systems of production, distribution, marketing and impact, these foods have on our lives.